Carpet Repair Services

Berber Pulls?

Berber Pulls? Damaged Berber Carpet due to Rows pulling loose

Bleach Spots?

Bleached spots caused by previous cleaning

Color Problems?

Color problems caused by fading , wear, or the sun

Burn Marks?

Burn marks caused by cigarettes or other burning objects

Rolls or wrinkles?

Do you have rolls or wrinkles in any area of your carpeting?

Pet urine odors?

Did your animal have a bad day and just couldn’t hold it any longer?

Pet Damage?

Did your animal get mad at you and take it out on the carpet?

Carpet pulls, rips or tears?

If your carpet has pulls, rips or tears, we can help

Seam Problems?

Is your carpet busting at the seams? We can help

Spots or spills you can't get rid of?

We can take care of those spots and spills you cant get rid of.

Glue Down problems?

Has the glue that holds the carpet down failed

Need Re-installed?

We can completely re-install carpet

Need new Pad installed?

We install new carpet pads

or More?

Do you have a problem not listed here? Call us to see if we can help.

The Carpet Repair Doctor can help!

We are an IICRC certified firm holding the highest designation in our industry as MTC’s with over 25 years of experience, offering cutting edge repair technology using state of the art equipment and systems for your carpet issues.

The Carpet Repair Doctor offers the FULL solution for your carpet problems at your home and workplace through cleaning, restoration and repairs!

Before and After Photos

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Before After
Before After
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