Apex Specializes in “Roto Jet Steam Extraction”/ Oriental Rug Washing (fine rugs) / Bonnet Cleaning / OnLo & In Plant

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Carpet Spot Dyeing (for bleach spots, sun & fume fading) / Carpet Whole Room Dyeing to completely change the color of your carpet

Carpet Repair of burns /Carpet Repair of Pet Urine Contamination/ Carpet Repair of Pet Damage (wrips, tears, etc) / Carpet Glue Down Repairs

Carpet Sewing – repairing Berber Carpet Pulls / Re-laying Carpet (around newly laid flooring)

Re-seaming & Seam Repairs / Re-Stretching / Re-installing / Install New Pad

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we are certified to provide pet urine odor and stain removal from carpet, backing and pad. We can also provide a full consultation to help remove odors throughout the home from carpet, pad, subfloors, walls, studs, etc for a complete Odor Decontamination in the home.
Refurbishing for – Wood Floors / Laminate Floors / Bamboo Floors / Cork Floors / Wood Floor Buffing / Sanding / Engineered Wood / Refinish